In the Words of Prisoners

Here are a few excerpts from the letters we receive from people imprisoned in Colorado:

“The word is traveling fast here of your company.  Hope that’s okay.  We even started a small library on the unit to share what we have with others.”


“I no longer have much contact with the outside world and look forward to spending my time with a good book.  I will be passing your information along to more people here in hopes of building up a larger selection of books.”


“What a blessing to those of us locked up behind these unfriendly fences & walls!  I am a voracious reader and look forward to a good book like I do freedom.  Here are a few of my favorite artists & subjects…”


“…let me thank you for what you are offering to prison inmates through your services.  Sometimes reading is our only true escape from the reality that is our lives.  It allows us to adventure beyond the walls that currently hold us.”


“First, thank you for the service that you provide to those of us who feel forgotten and a correctional system that offers no hope.  My interests are minimal.  A simple person with a high school education and a diploma in land surveying (25 years ago).  I would like to start a business someday and any knowledge I can get would be helpful.”


“A friend of mine who knows I love to read gave me one of your fliers.  Thank you.”


“I am sending this letter in regards to you because I hear you help inmates with reading material.  I’m in a federal penitentiary and our library is not so great.  I would like to know if you can help me obtain some good historical books about my culture.  I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide me on this issue.”


“I got your letter and wow what a great and promising program you offer…I am currently doing five years and am a bookworm without any means to obtain them.  I will donate the books to our library…and let somebody else enjoy some good reading.”


“Thank you for caring and for what you do to help us in here.  I’ve been down seven years now and I’m down to fourteen months to go and with the good Lord’s blessing I shall make it and I hope to be helpful just like you guys. ”


“…by chance if you have any R&B music books…for we are always debating about who sang what song (smile).”


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